How To Ask Questions On Instagram Story

Instagram is a convenient digital space to connect with people.

Their distinct features are what keep us scrolling throughout the day.

You can share posts, short clips, stories, long videos, and other forms of graphics. 

It is also a decent social space where you can ask people for their feedback or suggestions via Instagram stories.

That will help you get the data within 24 hours that you can further use moving ahead. So is it possible to ask questions directly on this platform?

If yes, then what are the options and steps to do so? Let’s check out.

Can You Ask Questions On Instagram Story?

Yes, you can ask questions on Instagram stories.

There are a few tools available to do so. You can use them as per your preference to get the answers in whichever form you like.

It can be as a poll, multiple choice question, or simple question and answer. These features assist you in getting the correct data as possible. 

The poll method is one where you can get votes from your audience for any two options you give them.

The MCQ is when you have over two alternatives to select from. I

ts prime use is to set a quiz for your audience, but creators sometimes tend to use it for a different purpose.

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Lastly, you have a direct question and answer. You can frame the main question, and your followers can share suggestions, feedback, or replies as soon as they see your story. 

How To Ask Questions On Instagram Story?

Here are the first few common steps that work for all the below methods. 

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and slide right.

Step 2: Record or select the photo/video that is supposed to go with your question. You can select a plain color background as well.

Step 3: Select the sticker option on the top right side.

From here on, follow the steps as per the tool you wish to use.

Method 1: Polls

Step 4: Click on the option that suggests polls.

Step 5: Fill in both blanks with the choices between which your followers can vote. 

Step 6: Adjust the poll in your story and post it.

You can see the voting just by swiping up your Insta story. The option that gets more votes is the winner.

Method 2: Quiz Or MCQ

Step 4: Select the MCQ feature.

Step 5: Type the question and fill in the three or more options you are opting for. Only one answer out of all would be correct. 

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Step 6: Post it.

If you want to have a fun quiz round then it is best to use this tool. Or else you can also use it for voting purposes.

As polls cannot fit over two options, creators sometimes use them in a voting format.

Method 3: Ask Me Anything

Step 4: Choose the ask me anything tool from the sticker collection.

Step 5: Type your question in as less words as possible.

Step 6: Post your story.

In this Instagram feature, your followers can leave their thoughts and points of view within the dialog box.

You can see them in one place as you swipe up your story.

So it gets easier to glance at and take a quick look at all suggestions.

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