Ashwani Gujral: Net Worth, Career, Company, Strategies 

Ashwani Gujral provides training and workshops to interested investors in the country and he himself is known as the Stock Market Guru. Learn how he became one and his top trading strategies through this article.

Ashwani Gujral

Ashwani Gujral’s name is widely known in both the International and Indian stock markets. He is a trading expert and his analysis on trades is spot-on and highly sought after. 

Known as the ‘Stock Market Guru’, he majorly earns by providing tips and strategies to perform well in the stock market. 

Name Ashwani Gujral 
Known as Stock Market Guru 
Ashwani Gujral Net Worth> 5 Crore
Education B.E in Electronics and Communication, MBA
Alma Mater Manipal Institute of Technology, Georgetown University
Profession Stocks and Derivatives Trader
Founder of Ashwani Gujral Investment and Portfolio Management Private Limited 

Ashwani Gujral Education

ashwani gujral

Ashwani Gujral has pursued his B.E / B.Tech from Manipal Institute of Technology that he did in Electronics and Communication.

He later graduated with an MBA from Georgetown University Washington DC in 1995. With such an amazing education record, it is obvious why he is a renowned name in the financial world and stock markets

Ashwani Gujral Career

After 1995 Ashwani Gujral is known to have a full time working at the stock market.

He is a panel member on the CNBC TV18 Channel and regularly provides his inputs on stocks on air.

He is a proper market analyst, who is often seen to be discussing stock market business in various panels and groups.

CNBC Ashwani Gujral

Ashwani Gujral is a popular Indian journalist. His show is a prime-time show at CNBC India. His show capital idea gives insight into the money and stock markets.

He is a financial commentator and a well-deserving person in the Indian community.

Ashwani Gujral is a perfect fit for CNBC India and in the present scenario in India and his in-depth knowledge and in-depth analysis are shown in his program in a very organized and systematic manner.

Ashwani Gujral currently stands as the lead anchor person in the capital idea show and the ability to speak in a convincing manner coupled with his market knowledge adds up to make a popular anchorman.

Ashwani Gujral Books

  • How to Make Money in Intraday Trading: A Master Class By One of India’s Most Famous Traders
  • How To Make Money Trading With Charts: 2nd Edition (with a New Chapter) Ashwani Gujral
  • How to Make Money Trading Derivatives: An Insider’s Guide
  • How to Make Money Trading with Charts: 3rd Edition Ashwani Gujral


Ashwani Gujral Social Life

Ashwani Gujral is known to have written many articles and columns on technical and trading analysis for leading journals and magazines in the United States. This includes Futures, Trader Sources, Active Traders, etc. 

You can find more information on his website which goes by, Ashwani Gujral has set up his Ashwani Gujral investment and Portfolio Management Private Limited. It is a non-government company that was incorporated on 26 June 1997.

He is acting as a Chief Marketing Strategist and the Fund Manager of his own company. He provides analysis through newsletters and also chats with traders through a chatroom. 

His popular books are “How to Make Money Trading Derivatives: An Insider’s Guide.”  He also wrote two other books; one came out in 2008 and the other in 2018.

The first book talks about profit-making from day trading and provides a guide to reading charts. The second book mostly deals with intraday trading. Ashwani Gujral provides a lot of workshops for beginner investors and experienced ones alike. 

Ashwani Gujral’s Reputation

Ashwani Gujral has set up his name in a manner that is considered an authority on trading. His analysis is so exact that he is taken as a frequent contributor to various US Magazines.

Ashwani Gujral Net Worth

It is known that Ashwani Gujral has made millions in the stock market only in a matter of a few days. In the financial year of 2017 to 2018, he had made more than 2.49 crores for his staff.

It is said that out of 11 transactions, he has only losses in two transactions. A small amount was known to be lost in one of his transactions. Besides this, he is known to have earned a hefty profit.

The July Futures Magazine reported that Gujral is known to make a heavy profit of 44 lakh rupees. In December and August, Gujral is known to have earned 43 lakh and 42lakh rupees respectively.

His smallest earning is around 1.08 lakh. His reputed hold on the stock market, helped him publish his many books on the stock market. It is received by the audience with good reviews. 

Ashwani Gujral’s Strategy 

Here are some of the top strategies that Ashwani Gujral follows for his stock purchases: 

Always Have A Plan In Mind 

Traders who excel are those who are consistent in the market for a longer time. They dedicate a specific and strict amount of time for trading during market hours.

Also, you must know how to reach charts thoroughly and you must develop your style of trading. Having a plan is just not limited to knowing how much profit you want to make, but also identifying all possible ways to get there. 

Do Not Overtrade 

This is one of the biggest mistakes amateur investors make. When the markets are rough, an experienced trader will have the resistance to control or even stop trading.

If you are not confident about the way the market is moving, do not trade. With experience, you will know when to increase your trades, when to reduce them, and take them too slow depending on the performance of the market. 

Do Not Give In To Losses 

Even the best investors in the country have faced losses of gigantic magnitude before they gained the wealth they have now. Do not be nervous or unmotivated by the losses, just create plans on how to limit them.

Also, prepare contingency and do not invest all the money in just one trade. Even if you face a loss in one or some trades, you must be able to continue being in the market. 

Capture The Moves Of The Large Market 

Amateur investors book their profits quickly because they are afraid to continue further. They want to feel that winning emotion quicker.

Experienced traders know to pick the right time to book profits so that they can create a difference in their portfolio even after losing a part of the profits as brokerage fees etc.

If you keep booking small profits, much of it will go to the broker as fees and you will hardly break even at the end of the day. 

To Wrap Up – Summary

Mr. Gujral in his interaction at Manipal Institute of Technology has said that “Taking a job is not a dream, but giving jobs to 10 people is.” He focused on being a job creator rather than a job seeker. He focuses on entrepreneurship.

He instills the idea of entrepreneurship among the young. Besides the surging unemployment rate, he motivated his young seekers to create opportunities for others. He teaches to be passionate and wildly follow dreams, without hesitation.