What Is AI Photo Trend On Instagram & How To Do It?

What is AI Photo Trend on Instagram How to Do It

The AI photo trend is going viral on Social Media.

The AI photo trend on Instagram is where people generate AI versions of themselves and post them as a carousel on their Instagram profile.

In the trend Peoples are using an AI Photo editing apps, such as Lensa AI, to generate avatars that match the user’s skin tone, hair, and facial features.

Celebrities, influencers, and bodybuilders are among the many people taking part in the trend.

In this guide we will discuss in details about AI Photo trend on Instagram.

What Is AI Photo Trend On Instagram?

The AI photo trend on Instagram involves to generate avatars and stylized images of yourself using AI photo editing apps, such as Lensa and AI Time Machine,.

These apps have gained popularity on Instagram, with many celebrities, bodybuilders, and influencers taking part in the trend.

AI photo trend

The avatars generated by these apps are photorealistic and accurately represent the user’s skin tone, hair, and facial features.

People are taking part in the AI photo trend on Instagram for a few reasons. Some people find the generated avatars to be fun and unique, and enjoy showcasing them on their Instagram profile.

Others see it as an opportunity to experiment with different looks and styles, and to explore their creativity.

What Is The AI App Everyone Is Using On Instagram?

The AI app that is popular on Instagram is Lensa AI: Avatar, Photo Editor by Prisma labs, inc.

It is currently trending for the Photo & Video category on the App Store and Google Play Store in multiple countries.

The app allows users to generate photorealistic avatars that match their skin tone, hair, and facial features.

It also offers various features for editing and enhancing photos, making it a popular choice for Instagram users.

How To Do AI Photo Trend On Instagram?

To do an AI photo trend on Instagram, you need AI photo editing app like Lensa and AI Time Machine.

Here we will explain how to do AI photo trend using Lensa AI app:

1. Download The Lensa AI App

The first step in doing the AI photo trend on Instagram is to download the Lensa AI app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Lensa Avatar Maker App

Once the app is downloaded, open it and agree to the privacy policy to continue.

2. Select The “Magic Avatars” Feature

In the app, select the “Magic Avatars” feature, which is the feature that allows you to generate AI avatars of yourself.

3. Select 4-20 Photos Of Yourself

To generate accurate avatars, select 4-20 photos of yourself that show your facial features, skin tone, and hair clearly.

Make sure the photos are close-up and without any obstructions or distractions in the background.

4. Choose Your Gender And Select A Plan

Select your gender (male, female, or other) and choose a plan (50, 100, or 200 avatars) depending on how many avatars you want to generate.

5. Check Out And Pay For The Avatars

The avatars cost $3.99 for 50 images, but subscribers get 50% off. Check out and pay for the avatars to generate them.

6. Post AI Photo/ Avatars On Instagram

Once the avatars are generated, you can post them on Instagram as a carousel to show off the different avatars.

This is the recommended way to showcase the avatars as it allows people to see the different variations.

It is important to avoid using group shots, covered faces, or animals in the photos for the avatar generation as this can affect the accuracy of the avatars.

Also, make sure to cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial to avoid being charged.