What Is 8888023080 On Amazon?

what is 8888023080 amazon

The digits for the phone number “888-802-3080” is associated with a scamming operation that is currently trying to present itself to be linked with the Amazon Prime Video service.

Amazon Prime Video allows people to watch OTT content from any device with a monthly or annual subscription.

Now, this subscription is not to be confused with the actual monthly and annual Prime Video package of Amazon which you can purchase from the website.

The 888-802-3080 number is trying to con people into subscribing to a false Amazon package in order to hoard their money.

We have discussed 888-802-3080 in the following sections of this article.

What Is “888-802-3080” On Amazon?

The number “888-802-3080” is being used by a group of cyber scammers who are trying to get in touch with people in the pretence of being Amazon’s Prime Video associates and are trying to sell fake membership for OTT.

According to Amazon, there is no such number that exists within their corporation which would individually contact people and make them aware of the subscription service. Hence, 888-802-3080 is definitely a con number from a fake association.

If you are familiar with the Amazon Prime Video subscription pattern then you might know that it is only available through the medium of the Amazon app or the website.

There is no other third method involved for availing of the subscription so the customers are requested to beware of the scammers out there who are pretending to be involved with the company.

If you have a caller ID service on your phone you might see this number with the caller’s initials as “Amzn Digital”,

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there are several users who have already reported the 888-802-3080 number and according to their experience they have requested to not share your bank details with any caller who claims they are calling on behalf of Amazon.

How Does “888-802-3080” Work On Amazon?

Basically, the operation that is using the number “888-802-3080” is calling people for their bank credentials in order to recharge their monthly or yearly subscription to Amazon Prime Video. 

They have a pretty simple process for conducting their operation. If you open the subscription page for Amazon Prime Video you will find that there are other channels with an 888-802-3080 number which is claiming to be associated with the company.

As you call the 888-802-3080 number you will be asked questions related to your Amazon subscription package and your card information.

And sure enough, after you provide this information, you will find that there have been other payments made using your card which you have nothing to do with.

In the other alternative, they call the customers themselves under false pretence and if they hit the jackpot, they will be successful in scamming you.

So, make sure that you only opt for the website or the app in order to make any of your payments related to Amazon Prime subscriptions.

They have been operating for quite a while hence, so far, they have the information of quite a substantial number of Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

This sounds threatening but the Amazon tech has been notified of this issue by a number of users over the internet and they are looking into the matter. 

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So far, they have only been able to confirm that there is no such number being used by the Amazon Company itself to call their customers so this is definitely a scam number. 

If you are suspicious that your card is being used for any such malicious purpose then it is advised to report and block your card immediately. You can also get help from the authorities to tag the payment operations of the card and figure out for what purpose it was actually being used.

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Is “888-802-3080” A Scam?

Yes, there is a con organization out there that is trying to get the card information from Amazon Prime Video subscribers and is using people’s credentials for making suspicious payments that are not related to Amazon subscriptions.

888-802-3080 operation has been going around for some time and people have reported that they have previously received calls from this exact number with “Amzn Digital” as their caller ID. 

The tech support from the organization of Amazon requests people to educate themselves on the company policy when it comes to handling subscriptions and payments.

It has also been found that several Amazon subscribers have found the 888-802-3080 number on the official subscription page of the website and they have tried to contact the 888-802-3080 number themselves. 

This practice is highly condemned and it is suggested not to do so in the light of cyber safety and preserving your valuable resources. 

The company has been very straightforward with the comment that they have not hired any associates to contact their clients on their behalf in order to remind them of their pending payments on Amazon subscriptions. 

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So, it is certain that any call that you receive in the pretence of renewing or making payment for your Amazon subscription from the number “888-802-3080” is trying to scam you into sharing your bank credentials. 


As we have discussed in this blog, the number “888-802-3080” is not in any way associated with Amazon let alone Amazon Prime Video subscription.

If you have received a call previously from the 888-802-3080 number you are requested to report and block it immediately.

You might also find the 888-802-3080 number on the subscription website for Amazon as an alternate channel. Keep in mind that 888-802-3080 is not supported by the company.

Do not try to call the number and initiate payment through your phone, the customers are also requested to not divulge any information related to their banking cards or other payment options in general.

There are only two methods available for subscribing and making a payment for your Amazon Prime Video subscription and that is by either using the app or the official Amazon website.

So stay alert for the scammers out there who are trying to con you into paying for your subscription via phone call.

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