Is 262966 An Amazon Number?

Are you getting messages regarding your Amazon account from a number 262966?

Maybe you have become suspicious of it.

They might be asking about your account credentials or telling you to click on a link.

It is no wonder that you are completely confused about what to do.

And that is why we are here to help you. In this article, you will get to know all about the number 262966 and whether you can trust it or report it to the authorities. 

Is 262966 An Amazon Number?

Yes, 262966 is an Amazon number.

It is used by to send notifications to its customers who are based in the US region.

Amazon not only sends various notifications, and subscription news through this number but also the verification code of your Amazon account.

You should not block this number as you will not be able to see the verification code then when you are trying to verify your Amazon account.

Does Amazon Send Text Messages About Signins?

Amazon does not send you texts about Sign in.

They send texts when someone else tries to sign in to your account but never ask for any private information.

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Example of an Amazon Real Text

If you see any text about signings in your account and they ask for sensitive information then it is a scam.

Never click on the link or give out your sensitive information over the text.

You should visit your Amazon site and check whether everything is secure before taking any action.

Amazon only uses texts to send notifications, news and subscription messages along with verification codes to its users.

You have to be cautious when you get any text that talks about signins or asks for any kind of information from you related t your account over the text message.

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Example of an Amazon Fake Text

Does Amazon Text You If Someone Tries To Log Into Your Account?

Yes, Amazon quill sent you a text when someone tries to log in to your account or if Amazon feels that there is any suspicious activity going on surrounding your account.

You will be notified through a text message by Amazon if that is the case.

However, be aware that Amazon never sends you texts asking you to click on a link or to share your personal information related to your account.

If you see a text like that then the chances are that it is a scam and you should report this incident to Amazon

In case you see any text that says that you have been locked out of your Amazon account and asks you to click a link or contact a number then it is a scam.

You should not click that link or contact that number and should report the message promptly to Amazon Customer Care.