What Does “User Not Found” Mean On Twitter

What Does User Not Found Mean On Twitter

Are you not able to view user’s profile on Twitter and “User not found” error?

If Twitter says “user not found”, it means that the username or account associated with the user not available on Twitter.

This could be the result of different factors, such as the user’s account which you are trying to views has been suspended or deleted or the user’s account never having been created.

If a user’s account is suspended or deleted, it means that their account is no longer active on Twitter.

This could be the result of the user violating Twitter’s terms of service, such as by posting spam or offensive content, or it could be due to the user voluntarily deactivating or deleting their account.

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If that particular user is active on Twitter but still getting “user not found” error popup then there is bug/ glitch in Twitter.

In this case wait for sometime till the issue is fixed by Twitter team.

Also, Update Twitter app to latest version if available.

When any Twitter account is suspended or deleted, the user’s tweets, followers, and other account information are no longer visible on Twitter platform, and the user is no longer able to use their account to tweet or interact with other users.

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If a user’s account is private On Twitter, it means that the user has chosen to make their tweets only visible to approved followers.

In this case, if you try to access the user’s account and you are not one of their approved followers, you will not find any information on Twitter and You will get message this Twitter account is private.

In order to view that user’s tweets, you will need to send a follow request and wait for the that user to approve it.

If a user’s Twitter account never existed, it could be the result of a typo or error in the username you entered when trying to access the user’s account.

You can try searching for the user again using a different username or account name, or contact the user directly to verify their account information or Twitter handle.

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