What Does “Unsupported Message” Mean On Grindr

Grindr is a popular dating and social networking app for gay, bisexual, and transgender.

One issue that you may encounter while using the app is the “Unsupported message” when someone send you a message, Grindr app will prevent certain messages from being displayed properly.

In this article, we will discuss about “Unsupported messages” error on Grindr.

What Does “Unsupported Message” Mean On Grindr?

On Grindr, “Unsupported Message” means that the message you received is not in a format that the Grindr app can display.

This could be because the message was sent in a format that is not supported by Grindr, or because the message was corrupted during transmission.

grindr unsupported message

There are several reasons of “Unsupported Message” on Grindr:

One possibility is that the person who sent you the message was sent you in format i.e, not supported by the Grindr app.

For example, if the person tried to send you a message with a certain type of image or video file that Grindr does not support, you will see the “Unsupported messages” error.

Another possibility is that the message was corrupted during transmission, either because of a problem with the app or internet connection.

In either case, the message will not be able to be displayed properly, and you will see the “Unsupported message” error.

Apart from that some peoples wrote on Reddit that these types of messages “Unsupported message” sent by the bot to make engagement in the app.

But currently it is not verified that this is true or not.