Tower Of Fantasy Level Cap Per Day

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Tower of Fantasy is the shared open-world MMORPG, anime-infused sci-fi adventure game.

It is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite.

Tower of Fantasy is available worldwide for PC and mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Each day, a fresh sign-in bonus and a new set of daily activities are available to players at Tower of Fantasy.

Daily tasks that are pretty typical of mobile RPG games are referred to in the game as “bounties.”

In addition to the benefit for just signing in, players may accomplish these bounties to earn a range of gifts.

Each day, both the sign-in bonus and the bounty feature are refreshed.

A player will lose out if they don’t complete the tasks or claim their bonus by 5:00 am ET.

Tower of Fantasy has a daily level cap that players can achieve at their highest level on a given day,

In this article, we will discuss about Tower of Fantasy level cap per day.

Tower Of Fantasy Level Cap Per Day

Tower of Fantasy daily level cap is what players can achieve at their highest level on a given day.

The Daily Level Cap is the highest level you can achieve in a single day.

For example, on day 1, you can reach at maximum level 18 and On day 2, you can reach at level 24 max.

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Day Max Daily Level Cap
1 Level 18
2 Level 24
3 Level 27
4 Level 30
5 Level 32
6 Level 34
7 Level 36
8 Level 38
9 Level 40
11 Level 42
13 Level 44
15 Level 46
17 Level 47
19 Level 48
21 Level 49
23 Level 50
25 Level 51
27 Level 52
29 Level 53
31 Level 54
34 Level 55
37 Level 56
40 Level 57
43 Level 58
46 Level 59
49 Level 60
52 Level 61
56 Level 62
60 Level 63
64 Level 64
68 Level 65
72 Level 66
76 Level 67
80 Level 68
84 Level 69
88 Level 70

What Happens When You Hit The Daily Level Cap?

Once you hit the daily level cap, any experience collected after reaching the maximum will not count toward levelling means that experience progress will be stopped.

This indicates that all experience gained after the daily level cap will be completely wasted.

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