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Telegram launched Telegraph in 2016, A publishing tool that lets you create richly formatted posts with photos and all sorts of embedded stuff.

Telegraph posts get beautiful Instant View pages on Telegram.

if you want to use Telegraph, follow below steps:

Go to, publish a story, and share it on Telegram.

With Telegraph, your Telegram channel can run stories just like the mainstream media (although you may find it tricky to become as biased).

Let’s understand this by taking an example.

First visit

Now, you will see 4 things: Title, Your Name, Your Story and Publish button.

Step 1 Telegraph Telegram

So, write title of your story , your name , your story.

Like I wrote:

  • Title: Visit WealthQuint
  • Your Name: Wealth Quint Team
  • Your Story: Visit Wealth Quint everyday and get trending stuff first.
Step 2 Telegraph Telegram

Finally, hit on Publish button.

Step 3 Telegraph Telegram

Now, copy the url of publish story and share it on Telegram.

Telegraph In General Terms

A telegraph code is one of the character encodings used in telegraphic communication. Morse code is the most well-known example.

Telegraphy generally refers to the electrical telegraph, however optical telegraph systems were in operation before that.

A code is made up of a number of code points, each of which corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, an integer, or another character.

Telegraphy is an old method of sending communications across large distances using Morse code. Initially, wires were utilized to transmit electrical impulses, and subsequently, radio transmissions were employed.