Pokemon Go Make New Friend Challenge

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that swept the world after its release.

Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular games where players use their mobile phones to locate Pokemon in the real world. 

The Pokemon Go make new friends challenge is a part of the Misunderstood Mischief Quest and is one of the tasks that the player has to perform. \

The tasks require you to add new friends, and you complete the challenge.

What Is Make New Friend Challenge On Pokemon Go?

The Make New Friend Challenge on Pokemon Go is a challenge where the players are required to add new friends to the game’s list.

Adding new friends allows the players to get involved in the multiplayer challenges.

How To Complete Pokemon Go Make New Friend Challenge?

There are two ways to complete the Pokemon Go Make new Friends challenge.

  1. Add known friends.
  2. Get trainer codes online and add them. 

Method 1: Add Your Friends

This method applies when you are actually friends with the people and know their trainer code.

Step 1: Launch Pokemon Go on your phone 

Step 2: Select the trainer menu available on the game.

Step 3: The trainer menu can be found in the left corner at the bottom of the display.

Step 4: Now look for the Friends menu on the screen.

Step 5: The next step is to select “Add a Friend.”

Step 6: The only thing the gamers have to do is copy and paste their buddies’ Trainer Codes into the given box.

Method 2: Get Trainer Codes Online

This method is useful when you have added all the known friends to your friend list.

Join the Facebook page, which is dedicated specifically to Pokemon Go. this will help you connect with new people, and you can add them to your friend list.

Create your own Facebook Page completely dedicated to Pokemon Go. Invite as many people as you can on this page so you can connect with new people and use their trainer codes to add them to your friend’s list.

Visit Reddit. There are many subreddits that are dedicated to Pokemon Go. This will help you meet like-minded people, and you can actually make new friends that may help you in the game. For ex. https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonGoFriends/ 

In order to discover connections in Facebook groups as well as other social networks, gamers frequently leave their trainer codes. Use the codes to invite players. This approach has proven to be the most successful.

Is It Safe To Add Random Friends On Pokemon GO?

Yes, it is safe to add random people on Pokemon Go. Pokemon GO does not share any personal information of the players with other players.

The only thing that is visible to the new friend is the username and your player name.

However, you as a player need to follow caution while sharing information and gifts with strangers. When you pick up a gift from a stranger, they can know the exact location on the map.

If you give a gift to a stranger, they can easily view which country and which city they received the gift from.

You must not give your personal information to people you do not know over any medium.

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Pokemon Go is keeping its players busy by introducing new challenges. The Make a new Friend challenge is surely a tough one disguised as an easy challenge.

But do not worry. This article will help you sail through this challenge easily.

The tips to make new friends in this article are quite easy to follow and provide a great result. You should always be cautious when you make friends online.

So keep in mind how safely you can add friends to the game.