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At the end of the 1990s, one of the biggest rap rock bands in the world was Limp Bizkit, and Trainwreck claims that they were able to perfectly convey the mood of an irate, angst-filled audience.

One of the most anticipated shows of the weekend was theirs, and there had already been several aggressive outbursts during performances by bands like Korn.

However, Limp Bizkit’s performance is seen as a turning point in the weekend that led to several attendees damaging property and threatening other audience members.

Loudwire reported and stated, If you saw the HBO Woodstock ’99 documentary, you saw that a lot of the blame for the violence during the event fell on Limp Bizkit.

However, was Limp Bizkit truly at fault when Woodstock ’99 turned into a violent riot?

It’s hard to imagine three days of calm and love with the extreme heat, lack of supplies, crowds, and aggressive music.

Instead, mentioning Woodstock ’99 brings to mind rioting, sexual assaults, and even fatalities.

But one band, Limp Bizkit, often gets blamed for all the issues and all the causes of the issues that ultimately resulted in the demise of the music festival.

People often overlook the fact that the worst of the violence at Woodstock ’99 didn’t even take place on the day when Limp Bizkit performed.

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About Woodstock 99

The Woodstock ’99 music event, commonly known as Woodstock 1999, took place in Rome, New York, from July 22 to July 25, 1999.

It was the second major music event to try to imitate the original Woodstock festival from 1969 after Woodstock ’94.

It took place in upstate New York, similar to previous festivals, but this time at the old Griffiss Air Force Base, some 100 miles (160 km) from the original Woodstock location.

Over the course of four days, there were around 400,000 attendees.

The event was prominently covered by the cable network MTV, and pay-per-view live coverage was offered.

Its radio rights were controlled by Westwood One. There were DVD and CD releases of excerpts. 

On August 3rd 2022, Netflix released documentary on the Woodstock ’99 music event which named as “Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99“.

Lot of people searching of internet about this again and went viral on internet again.

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