Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video

Lady Gaga Invisible Shield Video

Someone threw something at Lady Gaga onstage, but it was blocked by an invisible shield.After that Lady Gage went viral on social media.

Lady Ganga, 36, was in the midst of a concert when a suspicious huge object swooped at her and veered straight down before colliding with her.

The Oscar winner launched her Chromatica Ball World Tour earlier this month and was performing in Germany when a ‘invisible shield’ emerged, according to admirers.

When shooting the show, a fortunate audience member captured the full, eyebrow-raising scene on video.

Twitter user Andrin (@noah3020) was lucky enough to catch Gaga in Dusseldorf last weekend, having inadvertently captured a surreal moment from the audience.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, he wrote: “CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video.

Fans are convinced Lady Gaga has ‘magic powers’ after footage showed an ‘invisible force field’ protecting her from an object that was thrown towards the stage currently on the road after kicking off her Chromatic Ball stadium tour last week, starting out in Germany on 17 July before heading to the likes of Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

Viewers can see that someone has thrown a rag at the singer as she dances on stage as the video continues. Since superstars sometimes receive something thrown on stage by a fan, anyone who have seen concert records or actually been to one would know this.

But what caught many people’s attention was that the cloth never even touched the singer or reached the stage it was stopped by something that wasn’t seen in the video, and then it fell to the ground.

Everyone was convinced by the footage that Lady Gaga was protected by invisible shield . It simultaneously gave rise to “Invsisible Shield” memes on social media.