Hinge Algorithm Attractiveness

Hinge is a great app if you are interested in finding your life partner as it matches you with people after considering all the information that you have provided.

This improves your chance of finding the right person for yourself based on your likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests.

It is certainly more stable and long term then a casual hook up that Hinge is offering and you might be greatly interested in that.

However, while you have been using the Hinge app to find your perfect someone, you might be wondering whether the Hinge algorithm works on attractiveness.

In this article we will be answering all the questions that you have regarding the Hinge algorithm and the role attractiveness plays in it.

Hinge Algorithm Attractiveness

The Hinge algorithm does not play much when it comes to attractiveness.

It is an AI which shows people to you based on the characteristics that you like or according to your preferences and settings like age, location etc.

For example, if you like tall people and you have put that preference in your Hinge profile, then Hinge will show you tall people and if you prefer short people then Hinge will show you short people.

There really is no way that Hinge understands attractiveness.

Hinge is a system that identifies your information and tries to match you based on your preferences.

Different people have different preferences and thus Hinge is not able to judge anyone based on their attractiveness.

Does Hinge Rank You On Attractiveness?

No, Hinge does not rank you on attractiveness.

What Hinge does however is that it identifies and collects data about you so that it can show you matches that you like.

Hinge dating app tries to understand your preferences by collecting the data that you have provided to Hinge while interacting in app.

Hinge will show you people based on the features that you prefer in that and vice versa.

There is no concept of attractiveness for Hinge as it only identifies features of a person and matches it with the person who likes those features.

However that person might find that the matched person looks attractive but that is based on their personal preference.

To sum everything up, Hinge does not rank anyone or matches you based on your physical attractiveness but with people that like the features and interests that you possess.