Guy Talking To Girl Meme

Boy Shouting At Girl Meme

In today’s Internet culture, memes play a significant role. Everyone and anything has been expressed with it.

Twitter users appear to be sick of the new meme, yet certain memes never get old.

Guy Talking to Girl Meme is a picture of a man yelling into a woman’s ear in the midst of a club.

The photograph was shot at Milk in Edinburgh and features a young woman in a red dress who is clearly bored and is gazing out into space while a man leans in and shouts into the side of her face.

The Milk Edinburgh Club Photo, also known as the Guy yelling at girl meme, is a picture showing a man conversing with a woman at a club.

She appears to be really bored in the photo as the young man shouts into her ear, making it clear that she is not entertained by what he is saying.

We can stop trying to figure out who the guy and lady in the image are because they have already been identified.

Patrick Ritchie and Lucia Gorman contacted Capital Radio to reveal themselves as the couple, but they said they didn’t understand what he was saying while he was boring the her to tears.

According to mirror report,

Patrick said: “She’s one of my pals from school so she’s probably fed up. She looks like the most bored woman in the world.”

Lucia agreed, saying: “I don’t remember [what he was saying]. Patrick always talks rubbish so it could have been anything.”

The clubbers explained how odd it was to see a picture of themselves being shared all around the world, with Patrick revealing he had seen it tweeted as far away as Autralia.

Lucia added: “Someone sent me the tweet and it had 40 likes at the time and I was like ‘this is funny’, and at the end of the day it had 14,000.”

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