Fix: Twitter Blue Is Not Showing Up

Twitter Blue is a subscription service under which you get colored icons, and color themes according to your choice. 

You get a bookmark option so that you can save and make a collection of tweets. You can undo your tweets.

It verifies your identity on Twitter that you have to be a notable presence and have an active Twitter account by sending a request for consideration as a verified user.

You can find it by tapping on your profile picture on the app and there should be a “Twitter Blue” tab.

Even if you’ve updated the app to the latest version, it’s still nowhere to be found. The tab is missing for a lot of people.

In this article, you’ll learn why Twitter Blue is not showing up on the app, and how to fix it.

Why Is Twitter Blue Not Showing Up?

Twitter Blue is not showing because it’s not available in your country or region yet.

According to the Twitter Help Center, Twitter Blue is only available in selected countries.

This includes the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand etc.

The full list of countries you can find here:

If you don’t live in those countries, you cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Keep in mind that new features are offered to subscribers when they are available.

Hence, some features might not launch on the mobile app or simultaneously.

How To Fix Twitter Blue Not Showing Up?

To fix Twitter Blue not showing up, Update the Twitter app to the latest version.

After updating Twitter app to latest version if still Twitter blue not showing means it is not released in your region.

You can visit the Twitter Help Center to check the countries where Twitter Blue is available by clicking on Twitter Blue Countries 

If you’re not living in those countries, you need to wait until the feature is released in your country.

Twitter Blue help centers contain frequently asked questions about the feature like how much it costs, what features are included, and more.

This is because Twitter Blue is currently being tested out.

Currently, there is no information as to when Twitter will release it globally.

But, You can enable your VPN to access Twitter Blue from the countries where it is available.

For now, you need to continue using the free version of the app without any premium features.

If you are sure that Twitter blue is rolled out in your region but still not showing then there is bug/ glitch in Twitter.

In this scenario, wait till the bug is resolved by Twitter team.