Fix: PowerWash Simulator Stuck At 99%

Powerwash Simulator Stuck At 99%

PowerWash Simulator is a simulation video game made by FuturLab and released by Square Enix Collective.

The early access version of the game came out on Steam on May 19, 2021 but the full version came out on July 14, 2022, for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Recently lot of players facing issue with PowerWash Simulator. For lot of players PowerWash Simulator is stucking at 99% where a subtask isn’t completing even though it appears clean..

In this article, we will explain why PowerWash Simulator stuck at 99% and how to fix it.

Why Is PowerWash Simulator Stuck At 99%?

Powerwash Simulator is stuck at 99% because there is some bug in Powerwash Simulator game.

Just because you are at 99% doesn’t mean you have the issue. It shouldn’t effect the new levels, Carousel, Drill, Mayor’s Mansion and Temple. If you are stuck on the Carousel try turning it OFF/ON

Other tip: Click on the details in the game menu to make them flahs.

How To Fix “PowerWash Simulator Stuck At 99%”?

Note: First Disable Your steam for PowerWash Simulator. Also your game needs to be closed.

  1. In your file explorer go to C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\LocalLow\FuturLab\PowerWash Simulator\SaveData\0
    1. The {USER} is computers account username. If you are unsure of this you can manually locate that in your file explorer.
  2. Delete the both the Washmaps for the level you are on.
    1. For example the Treehouse map you would delete CAREER_NATIONAL_TREEHOUSE_WASHMAP.sav and CAREER_NATIONAL_TREEHOUSE_WASHMAP.sav.old

About above fix another player replied that:

“Currently on washroom and had 1 tiled floor that I couldn’t clean no matter how many times I went around every nook and cranny. I did exactly as you said but it reset my entire map… Any way to fix this or do I just have to do the entire map again?

Edit: It is possible to 100%. Once you’re inside of the cubicle, aim towards the left door frame and spray the corner or the door. That eventually worked for me.”

After performing above fix if Powerwash Simulator still stuck at 99% then there is bug in the Powerwash Simulator.

In this case wait till bug is resolved by Powerwash Simulator team.

Source: Reddit

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