How To Fix Facebook Followers Decreasing

Facebook has always served as the foundation of social media as we now understand it, but it is also sometimes prone to failure.

Always peoples getting some issue with Facebook.

However, some peoples facing issue that their Facebook followers are decreasing.

Are you also facing same issue, your Facebook followers are also decreasing?

In this guide, we will explain why Facebook followers are decreasing and how to fix it.

Why Is Your Facebook Followers Decreasing?

Your Facebook followers are decreasing because there is big/ glitch in the Facebook.

Alternatively, if you have got bot followers or purchased followers on Facebook then Facebook has removed those.

If you’re losing Facebook followers, it’s extremely likely that you’re sharing information that your ideal reader isn’t interested in. Y

ou will lose followers if you share a random assortment of content with no purpose or aim.

Remember that when someone checks your profile, they are thinking to themselves, “What’s in it for me?” “How would following them benefit or teach me?”

Facebook Followers Decreasing 2

Lot of users wrote on social media that their followers are decreasing:

“I don’t know what @facebook is up to. I have gone from 170,000+ followers, to fewer than 10k. Checked a couple of other allies with big followings and same for them. Right before the election when we really need to reach and mobilize folks, Facebook has artificially muted us!”

“Facebook created a tsunami that wiped away my almost 900,000 followers and left only 9000 something on the shore. I kind of like Facebook’s comedy.”

“Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook followers suddenly decreased from 40 million to 9992”

Facebook Followers Decreasing 1

How To Fix Facebook Followers Decreasing?

To Fix Facebook Followers Decreasing issue, wait for sometime till issue is fixed by Facebook technical team.

There is some bug/ glitch in the Facebook that some user’s followers are getting decreased.

As per Facebook spoke’s statement, Facebook technical team is working to resolve the issue ASAP.

After that you can see your correct followers count.

Alternatively, if you have purchased the followers on Facebook or you got some bot followers then it is against the Facebook community guidelines.

Time to time Facebook remove bot followers from every users account.