Chivalry 2 Best Weapons

Chivalry 2 best weapons

Chivalry 2 is an action video game that is a sequel to Chivalry: Medieval warfare (2012). It was developed in 2021 for Xbox series X and S, Windows, Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One. 

It is a multip-player game wherein players have got various weapons that they use for attacks. The game is all about attacking others and defending one’s own self from the attacks from other players.

The weapons available in Chivalry 2 usually operate three types of damage: cut, blunt, and chop. 

  • The cut damage weapons do the base damage, and it is good to be used by the new player. These weapons do not let you obtain any damage buffs when you kill the knights and footmen. Ex. The Messer, The Falchion, etc.
  • The chop damage weapons include axes, halberds, etc. These weapons let you receive 25% of damage buffs against Knights also 17.5% against footmen.
  • The blunt damage weapons let you receive 50% damage buffs against knights also 35% against footmen. These weapons include The Maul and others.

Chivalry 2 Best Weapons

Best 1 Vs. 1 Weapons

One-Handed Spear And Shield

One-Handed Spear And Shield is a type of cut weapon which lets the player do most of the damage in all kinds of cut weapons. It deals with a speedy stab attack that causes 50 light and 70 high damage. 

This one-handed spear comes with a shield that enables you to defend yourself from the opponent’s attack. It can only be used by the footman’s man in army class and the knight’s guardian class. 

But you need to have a good skill of stabbing to use this weapon as you can’t survive with it if you have a lot of enemies surrounding you.

The Shovel

The Shovel comes under the category of blunt weapons that enables you to interrupt attacks, make faster slashes, and attack players. With its fast and speedy release, this weapon allows you to hit numerous targets. 

The Shovel can only be used by the footmen’s engineer class and can help you to break doors, enemy traps, and barricades.

Best Weapons For Crowd-Control

The Executioner’s Axe

The Executioner’s Axe is a chop damage weapon that gives more impairment to footmen and knights. It comes with a slower release, but its broad reach enables you to hit and attack many enemies at the same time. 

You can use this weapon to do a huge amount of damage to the enemies when you have a good amount of length between yourself and your enemies. 

The Great Sword

The Great Sword is a cut weapon that has gpt farther reach in comparison to the executioner’s axe, but the only issue is that it has got a prolonged release and slow windup. You only need to take care of the distance between you and your target. 

Since it has got a long release, you have to have a good stretch between you and your enemy to finish them off. The Vanguard’s Devastator class can only use this weapon.

You need to have good skill in dragging and timing the use of this weapon because only then will it prove fruitful for you. 

Weapons Having Good Range

The Longbow

The Longbow is the only best-ranged weapon present in Chivalry 2 that is reliable and can destroy Footmen and Knights. But you need to be a good Crossbow player to use this weapon. 

Once you have the bow in your hand, you need to keep your eyes fixed on your target. You have to fast at shooting an arrow at your enemy.

Best Overall Weapons

The Messer

The Messer is, till now, the best overall weapon available in Chivalry 2 video game. It got a fast slash attack and is a good crowd-control weapon. It comes as a cut weapon that deals with the base damage only across all categories and boosted damage buff. 

But it has got a longer release because of which good and perfect timing is required to attack the enemy. It can only be used by the Vanguard’s Raider class and the Knight’s Crusader class.


Chivalry 2 is a video game developed in 2021 as a sequel to Chivalry: Medieval and Warfare. It is one of the best action video games that revolve around having different types of weapons to attack the enemies and defend yourself from attacks. 

It has got a versatile range of weapons which are broadly classified under the three categories based on the damage they do: Cut damage weapons, Chop damage weapons, and Blunt damage weapons. The best 1 vs.1 weapons are the one-handed spear and shield and the shovel. 

The best crowd-control weapons are the executioner’s axe and the great sword. The longbow is the best-range weapon, and the Messer is the best overall weapon in the Chivalry 2 video game. 

These weapons come with a great benefit, but you need to have certain skills to use and time them. These are what make Chivalry 2 one of the best video games.