Can You Search By Name/ Location/ Email In Grindr

Are you curious about whether it’s possible to search for someone on Grindr by their name, location, or email address? If so, you’re in the right place.

Grindr is a great app for finding your dating partner online specially if you belong to the LGBTQ community.

However, do you want to fi9ns a specific person in Grindr?

Do you have many questions about how you can try to find a person or your dating partner in Grindr?

Then you have come to the correct place.

Here, you will be getting all the answers to such questions.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Can You Search By Name In Grindr?

No, you can’t search for a person by name in Grindr. 

You can not search them using their real name or username in the Grindr app.

The Grindr app will only show you matches within 50 mile radius of your location.

There is no search option in Grindr that you can use for the first thing.

And the only three ways you can find people are through Nearby, Fresh and Explore.

Nearby searches the users that are near you and matches your criteria.

Fresh searches based on people who have been online in the past hour and Explore searches people based on the location that you have provided. 

Note: Keep in mind that Explore is only available to paid members of Grindr.

Can You Search By Location In Grindr?

Yes, you can search by putting location in Grindr.

If you are using the non-paid version of Grindr then you can not avail this feature as it is only available in Explore which comes with the paid subscription.

If you are a non-paid user then Grindr will only show you the matches in a 50 mile radius of your location.

However if you are using the paid version then you can use Explore to find the people at a certain location, even if it is across the world from you.

Can You Find Grindr Profile By Email?

No, you can not search for a person in Grindr by their email.

To begin with Grindr does not have any search function that will let you do that.

And the profiles in Grindr are not externally public which means that you can not search for any Grindr profile outside the app itself.

So, there is no way that Google, Yahoo or even Dark Web search engines can find the Grindr profile.

Note: If you are desperately searching for a person then your best option is to try Premium membership and then use Explore where you can put their location and then search for them in that area. However if their profile is not in that area anymore then you won’t be able to find them that way.