What Could Happen after Bitcoins Run out of Supply? 

 The total number of Bitcoins available were around 21 million within 12 years the creation of Crypto, Over 90% of Bitcoins have been mined. 

To keep Bitcoin  valuable its creator's kept fixed amount of supply.

At present there are only limited number of coins left to be mined. 19 million Bitcoins are mined, leaving behind only 2 million for the future. 

Limited number of supply can help Bitcoin to increase it's price in the coming future.

 Bitcoins are 'mined' by miners. The ones who solve mathematical puzzles to verify block of transactions in its network. 

With every successful transaction the miners are awarded with block of Bitcoins.

Around 1.56 Bitcoins would be earned by the end of 2021 for the verification of transactions. This is called Halving and this will continue till the end. 

Bitcoin's Halving predict that the remaining 10% will comfort until Feb 2140 as per blockchain.com so nothing to worry about.

While 90 per cent was mined in nearly 13 years, the rest 10 per cent is likely to take another 119 years, according to multiple reports and projections.

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