10 NFT Trends that could change the world in 2022

Upcoming NFTs trends could be dominating the digital world. Here are the top tech trends to watch in 2022.

1. NFT Avatar Casting  Minting new art, NFTs BORED APE YACHT CLUB and stereoheadz are bringing brand new communities of artists, animatiors, and musicians.

2. Community owned branding communities giving their IP address controls can lead to new directions ensuring the growth and creativity making sure that artists get paid at every stage of their work.

3. Ethereum 2.0 Ethereum 2.0 will be making a massive difference in 2022 by solving its burning energy problems.

4. Tokenisation and gaming In 2022, NFTs growth in promoting art will be much more about utility i.e. gaming avatar casting, marketing for web 3.0 , etc.

5. The Metaverse with apple  NFTs will be the heart of metaverse and with apple and its seamless experience approach towards UX and UI, its surely going to rock 2022.

6. WEB 3.0 WEB 3.0 is all about having ownership and getting rewards in the gaming world. Its experience is going to evolve immersively in 2022.

7. Music NFTs will takeover Launching of STEREOHEADZ - a decentralized music label and community will rise the NFTs in the universal music space.

8. Real world experience  Being invested in NFTs projects raises the regular rewards like the bore ape yacht club. There are real life experiences boosting many NFTs.

9. Digital tagging and ownership  Like the ownership of digital content in artists and creator, everything will have an NFT i.e. digital tags to physical items building interests with transparency.

10. The rise of Personality NFTs More artists adopting NFT is surely going to rise in the upcoming days with emergence of Meta and NFTs.