Top Reasons For Startup Failure

Some startups became unicorns while some just went bankrupt. That’s the nature of the economy

Some had funding but still failed while some startups which were bootstrapped became Unicorn.

What are the top Startup Failure Reasons?

Lack of Creativity and Innovation

Nothing is permanent. Market and Economy are changing rapidly. What works today might not work tomorrow.

Lack in Marketing

Lack of it causes low trust and confidence in the product.

Lack of Adequate Funds

Zerodha is a true example to have not funding and boom as bootstrap startup.

Not Understanding the Competitors

Don’t be jealous or angry at your competitors. Instead, learn from their mistakes

No Focus on Customer Feedbacks

If customers are willing to give you feedback, they don’t hate you. That's another view to look at things.

No Scalable Model

Scaling up a business is a task. It happens slowly. 1 to 2 to 3, this all takes time.

Not Understanding the Target Market

Whom do you want to offer your services to?

Lack of Adequate Business Model

It is a blueprint or roadmap. ‘"Planning for Profit" becomes so important here.

We want you to consider this and not commit this if you are starting your startup:

"Life is short, so learn from people"

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