Top Cryptocurrencies  to GIFT on CHRISTMAS  this Year 

With the increasing popularity of Cryptocurrencies, market devotee have started gifting digital currencies to each other. 

It is the most popular Cryptocurrency at present in the market. As in size it holds around 40% of the crypto market. From selling POV, it is the most acceptable currency.


Solana was released in April 2019. It's starting trading cost was around $1 per coin. As of November 2021, it traded for more than $200. It is counted among top largest crypto.



It's been in the headlines for the past few months due to the rapid increase in its popularity. Talking about the price, it had the greatest increase despite the value of the coin is quite low.


Without the background or location concern,  it is an easy access to digital money. Provide easy access to bank services. Allows to move money directly without anyone's interference.


It is around eight years old. One of the largest meme coin in the present market. It's value  has been degraded over quite some time but analysts are hoping a rebound any day.


It has scored more than 15,000% in one year. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It has the capability to empower the next-gen payments.

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