Things need to  COUNT before Investing

1. Raise an Emergency Fund For unexpected expenses or breakdowns, an amount of  money should  be kept aside.

2. Create a Budget Creating a budget helps in maintaining an accurate balance between your savings and expenses.

3. Calculate the Risk acceptance Knowing and finding out which products can give higher profits than others but with a bit risk involved.

4. Getting free of all debts The faster you repay all sorts  of debts the  faster you start making profit  out of it.

5. Know the  world of Tax. Before investing  it is very much necessary to  know the various sections of tax filling.

6. Volatility In simple words  it is the rise and fall of market prices. Before investing know volatility  in depth.

 7. Advice from  an expert If you're facing any sort of uncertainty  about how to start then get  an advice from an expert.  

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