The Golden Rules to  GROW MONEY  in the  stock market

PHILLIP FISHER Once said "The stock  market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing." 

There is NO  direct formula that gives  you straight success  in stock  market but  if followed correctly,  creates good  chances  of RETURN.

1. Avoid the  MOB MENTALITY means do proper research before making any sort  of decision.

2. Never blindly  go on the name  of any company or investors. Use your own research.

3. Try to Invest in business  rather than  stock.

4. Systematically invest your  money with patience and  wait for positive returns.

5. Don't evolve emotions while making decisions or any sort of judgement.

WARREN BUFFEN once said "The more you LEARN the more you  EARN"

6. Always have a real sort of expectations in any situation.

7. Get used of taking risk. These risk  can give you  a great profit  in the upcoming months.

8. Have patience because stocks  is all about ups and downs with  inconsistent stability.

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