ShibaSwap:  A Beginner's Guide

SHIB,LEASH and BONE , come together to create Shibaswap, the next evolution in DeFi platforms. It gives users the ability to DIG, BURY, and SWAP tokens to gain WOOF RETURNS through there innovative passive income reward system.

The platform allows the ShibArmy to access upcoming NFTs and additional tools, such as portfolio trackers. 

Working of  Shiba swap Dig: Digging is the liquidity pool function on the ShibaSwap platform. Woof: It is the function for redeeming BONE  rewards by cashing out SSLP tokens.  

Bury:  The BURY function is basically staking the token.  Swap:  This is the exchange feature where users can swap between multiple assets.  Bonefolio:  This is an analytics dashboard where users can explore current interest rates and track their yield returns.

How to get started with ShibaSwap: There are three compatible crypto wallet  services: Metamask WalletConnect Coinbase Wallet 

The Future Of ShibaSwap  To assure the longevity of shibaSwap and the shiba Inu ecosystem, a part of the minted BONE will be allocated to a multi-signature-activated development wallet.  This wallet will be split in 80%-20% during the first 14 days, then 50%-50%.

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