Shiba Inu launching its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

 DAO is the (decentralized autonomous organization) blockchain-based form of organization or company that is often governed by a native crypto token

Shiba inu coin is launching a DAO providing the community power of voting over the crypto projects.

Doggy DAO is planned to be released in phases. In 1st phase the beta version will be released named as "DAO 1" 

The DAO aims to provide stakeholders the powers to make decisions on reward pools, coin listings etc.

According to the new blogpost-  "This is a crucial first step, orienting our Decentralized Exchange to grow, while promoting all the benefits to the #ShibArmy from such pairs, and welcoming new investors to use the platform,"

Following this, a new DAO will be released later named as "DAO 2" which aims to allow users to make generic proposals for the project "Multisig-Team and Breeds"

The "guardians 6/9 wallet" will have final call in order to  prevent community from all the possible whales controlling voting process to ensure a true gaming system.

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