Monetizing  the METAVERSE for Commerce, Investors and Creators

Metaverse refers to a highly immersive virtual world which connects augmented reality to virtual reality.

Metaverses are booming with the commerce, investors, creators focusing on entering early into the virtual space. 

 SHAWNEE SANDE  An Influencer shares her views  that every investor and business owner must follow to secure a early space in the Metaverse.

After the rebranding of FACEBOOK as META, the digital assets have flowed into the mainstream. Sales in the virtual world in NFTs have been on the rise.

Shawnee Sande believes that metaverse offers many opportunities beneficial for everyone and her main mission is to help people especially the women to enter the virtual world through METAVERSE.

Co-owner of Beta1 Creative ( a digital marketing agency), Shawnee Sande  helps clients bring their brands to the Metaverse.

 SHAWNEE SANDE  is also a social media influencer known as  Peach NFT a character who theoretically lives in the Metaverse influencing her followers to boom with the metaverse realistic-virtual world.

Sande stated :  “It’s not really that different from the real world, It’s a little more creative, just looking at what you can do to stand out and not being left behind.”

 Entering the different metaverses by  playing  with the platform and increasing its exposure by   checking out on the metaverse like  Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Roblox is truely recommended .

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