Metaverse, How it is used in Real Life

Metaverse refers to a highly immersive virtual world which connects augmented reality to virtual reality.

Here's a look at inklings of today's metaverse that could lead to the metaverse of tomorrow:


Blocky game-worlds are  decentralized, thriving, hackable and producing a vibrant economy.


Wildly popular metaverse Roblox emphasized  on both immersive and social vision.

Epic Games' Metaverse

Epic Games, an expansive, digitized communal space of real gear in virtual world. 


Nowhere has persistent and temporary virtual spaces  to hold concerts, festivals reunions and conferences. 

The Sensorium galaxy

This explore with VR headsets. Prism, the first to open, involves music - virtual DJs and bands play, for instance - in futuristic  landscapes. 


Best Virtual hanging game with a thriving metaverse.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR games like Pokemon Go, already preparing to dip themselves into the metaverse.


With a unique twist this is a blockchain based exciting metaverse game.

Axie infinity 

A Leading focused project allows virtual avatars to trade and play in the digital market places. 


Revolutionizing the metaverse through its gamification that runs on the Ethereum network.

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