Meta means-  "BEYOND" Verse derives from the word- "UNIVERSE" together meaning - A Virtual world that lies beyond.

It allows   users to be present  at a place  virtually  without being present  in real.

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In simple words, It helps to work, play &  stay connected  with anyone  around without leaving your home.

In METAVERSE, An Avtar is  created which can be accessed by us  on behalf of us by sitting anywhere around.

How does it WORKS?

It works on a  decentralized  network like  blockchain.  It is useful for public good i.e.  all the people can be a part  of it. 

Blockchain Metaverse gives you the proof that there is a survival of every  digital things. BEST EXAMPLES Could be: Blockchain & Crypto

The best Example of  Blockchain metaverse- DECENTARALAND It is a 3D virtual reality platform which is using ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN.

Mark  Zuckerberg's defined   metaverse as "A Virtual World  where people  can connect,  attend meetings  and even more."  

Zuckerberg also added, "It allows people to tour day-t0-day  activities in Virtual Space."

Movies Connecting to the future  METAVERSE

1. Ready Player one 2. VHS Viral 3. Tron 4. Strange Days


1. Robolox 2. Nowhere 3. Fortnite 4. Axle Infinity

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