Indian Celebrities who join the NFT

KAMAL HASSAN The actor turned politician has partnered with FANTICO to  launch  his NFT  collection.

SALMAN KHAN Tied up with  BOLLYCOIN. "Aa raha hoon main, NFT'S   leke" Salman tweeted.

 SUNNY LEONE She becomes the first Indian actress who's having NFT'S partnered with  MINTDEOPZ.


RISHABH PANT He has also  signed up with  cricket NFT  platform.

MANISH MALHOTRA He launched fashion theme NFT's collection  which were  worn by many famous actors  and models too.

AMITABH BACHAN  auctioned his NFT's named 'Madhushala'

RAJINIKANTH The NFT's of  Rajinikanth  were  sold out  completely.

SUNIL GAVASKAR He launched  his first collection on

YUVRAJ SINGH He'll be  launching his NFT's this  month with

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