How NFTs are helping to Transform The World

NFT are changing your world by how we are communicate with one another and transmit information. For consumers, it can be a great way to keep something very personal and special from your favorite content creator.

 1. Digitalization  Digitalization is the use of digital technology to change a business model and provide a new revenue and value-producing opportunities.


2. Decentraliztion  The transfer of authorities and responsibilities for public functions  from the central government to the subordinate for independent government organizations and the private sector.

3. Transparency   Transparency is a business is the basis for trust between a form and its investors customer partners and employees. 

  4. Royalty          Royalty refers to a construal payment by the person for the use of assets belonging to another person. The payments include reality for the use of assets such as copyrights Trademark franchise model and agreements.

5. Social Signal Social signals are tangible indicators of some tangible qualities that increase a person social status of a group affilation.

How can NFTs helps ? It allows us to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items that keep track of who owns them by using the blockchain.

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