How Does Discord  Make Money?

Discord Business Model

It is a fun platform initially created for gamers but quickly became popular among all others, all around the world.

Discord is a group-chatting platform that was initially built only for gamers but is now open for everyone else. This platform allows the people or users to arrange into servers.

The application has a different model of business than the others. It has a different model of earning its revenues and funds.

Let’s Puzzle out,   how does Discord make money.

1. Funding Money Discord revenue was dependent on funding money till recently. This application is strictly against the advertisement and selling of user data. They don’t charge the users for the application.

2. Premium Services Revenue To generate Discord revenue, it has a semi-freemium type of application where they’re providing better facilities to the users who do pay them for it.

3.  Selling Merchandise It also makes money by selling merchandise as a part of the Discord revenue. such as optional cosmetic items like sticker packs, sound packs, skins, etc.

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