Gods And Goddesses Of Wealth, Money & Prosperity

Plutus is often shown as blind and handicapped. According to Greek mythology, he was blinded by the god Zeus to not give his blessing just to good people but to the deserving ones.

1. Plutus

2. Abundantia

Abundantia, or Abundita, is a Roman goddess of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Abundantia’s parentage is unknown. She is often portrayed as a happy and holy soul with a Cornucopia in her hand.

3. Kubera

Kubera or Kuvera is the god of wealth and one of the guardians of directions (north direction). Kubera is associated with Hindu mythology.

4. Odin

Odin is the god of wealth, royalty, victory, wisdom, healing, death, the gallows, knowledge, war, battle. Odin is associated with Norse mythology

5. Lakshmi

The mother goddess of Hindu mythology is the goddess of wealth. Lakshmi is depicted as a divine deity with four hands. Each hand signifies four aspects of humanity; karma, artha, dharma, and moksha.

6. Sors

Sors is an ancient Roman god of wealth, prosperity, and luck. Sometimes, he is mentioned in a few English slang such as “with the luck of Sors” or “Hail Sors.”

7. Juno Moneta

Juno Moneta is the goddess of prosperity, memory, and finances. The veteran poet John Keats wrote a poem named “The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream,” keeping her as the main character.

8. Tsai Shen

Tsai Shen is the god of wealth worshipped by the Chinese people. Tsai Shen is also known as Lu Shing or “The Star God Of Wealth.”

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