5 Predictions for Bitcoin, NFTs and the Future of Money.

 As the cryptocurrencies are acting as a hype, Here are the five predictions for Bitcoin, NFTs and the future of money:

1. Cryptocurrencies further moving into mainstream "I hope we're going to see a lot more focus on utility, Instead of focusing just on a few use cases that create a lot of hype, we'll see more focus on the use cases that drive real value." said Dixon, CEO of Stellar Development Foundation.

2. NFTs create new ownership opportunities and remix old ones "The possibilities of NFTs are endless, since they can be used to log ownership of any unique asset, We're already seeing early use-cases of NFTs being used as event tickets, software licenses, fan club memberships, or otherwise tied to interactive experiences." Alex Atallah, Co-Founder of OpenSea.

3. Bigger Hacks and Ransoms "We should expect to see more criminals turning to cryptocurrency and services that promise to obfuscate illicit funds due to the misconception of total anonymity, "Bitcoin is appealing to criminals for the same reasons it appeals to those using them for legitimate purposes: It's cross-border, instantaneous and liquid. "Gurvais Grigg, a senior tech officer at Chainalysis

4. You'll Hear more about Stablecoins  "People should start paying attention to trends in Stablecoins both as a medium of payments and as a dollar digital currency. The use cases for cross-border payments, aid relief, instant settlement payments are starting to flourish in 2021 and we will see more of that in 2022,"  Rachel Mayer, a vice president of product at fintech firm Circle

5. New Crypto Rules to appear on Horizon "I think there's going to be a lot more conversations around crypto and blockchain," said Dixon, one of the executives who testified before the House committee.

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