Easy ways to SAVE the MONEY you make.

Resist on the BUDGET and buy Quality things and track your spending accordingly.

Title 1

1. Save Consistently

 2. Negotiate Bills   Down

Buy GENERIC. This is one of the easiest ways to save money.

Put a portion of workbonus, inheritance or tax refund into your saving account.

3. Save Windfalls  and Tax Refunds.

4. Financial Advisor

Hire an advisor, they are an effective way to outsource tasks.

5. Invest your time and money into big wins.

Avoid the careless attitude towards spending. Set a goal. Make the plans.

6. Try DIY...

Make perfect use of the scrap instead of buying new things. The activity of DO-IT-YOURSELF saves money consistently.

Set a safety fund for unexpected future mishaps.

7. Emergency Funding


Never invest in something you don't understand and try to avoid individual stocks.

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