DogeCoin: A Beginner's Guide

Now- a- days people are very keen about Bitcoins. There are a large number of Crypto present which may be even better than Bitcoins.

In this there is a growing Crypto named Dogecoin.

What is DOGECOIN? Dec 6th, 2013 was the day when Dogecoin was launched. It is a coin which has  a  dog on it making it a bit different.

It is also known as the "Friendly" coin as it  provides donations too.

The fans of Dogecoin have given themselves a nickname called "SHIBES" !

HOW IS IT USED? Dogecoin community uses it's massive size to support good  causes globally.

In 2014, this community helped the Sochi Winter Olympics of amount $50000. $30000- for world water pay in 2014 in the Jana Valley, Kenya.

DOGECOIN WORTH  It's worth is around $0.003410! It has no limit on supply.

Dogecoin is great for mini transactions. 

TECHNOLOGY BEHIND  DOGECOIN Each and every transactions that are made with Dogecoin is stored on Dogecoin blockchain.

PROS of DOGECOIN It focuses on educating about blockchain technology. Regular donations are also made by this community.

CONS of DOGECOIN Highly Volatile. It largely depends upon community.

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