Cryptocurrencies  expected to perform  well in 2022

1.BITCOIN It is first cryptocurrency it is doing amazing in cryptomarket. It is traditional currencies and medium of exchange and store of value.

2.ETHEREUM It is the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Its blockchain technology make applications which is beyond just enabling online currency.

3. RIPPLE The network of ripple provides everyone to exchange money  with each other ,no matter where they located or what boundaries they use .

4. TETHER It is a stablecoin that is designed to less inconsistence in nature. It is easy to sell and buy without any interruption.

5. BINANCE COIN It is sucessfull crypto exchanges when they interogate about currency .It  is same as bitcoin , and also keep strong limit of tokens in circulation.

6. USD USD is backed by one dollar with pretty fair value, which is held in account .It is stable coin. We know about U.S. dollar economy. The U.S.D is strong currency, we can buy more things in local currency.

7.FETCH.AI It is distributed machine learning platform for applications like trading. The prediction of  crypto price is amazing and buying coin is good for long time earning.