Crypto Charts:  Right way to read Crypto

Crypto charts are needed to understand clearly how a cryptocurrency is performing or was performing in a specific time period.

Trading various cryptocurrencies have been in trend ever since the pandemic started as people want to make a quick buck.

As a beginner who has never traded or invested in the stock market before cryptocurrency trading, you may slightly lack an idea of what the price charts consist of in the investing world.

Crypto Price Charts are very similar to the charts that are available for various stock and futures trading.

Types of Crypto Charts

This is the most basic type of crypto chart that you can use for price analysis.

1. Line Chart

Bar charts are made up of small bars that represent the price action on the chart.

2. Bar Chart

A candle is very similar to a bar formation except its body is structured in the form of a block surrounded by two wicks on the top and the bottom.

3. Candlestick Chart

Heikin Ashi has chart candles similar to the candlestick chart however it uses average price movement to create its candlesticks.

  4. Heikin Ashi

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