Will NFT disrupt  Traditional Art ?

The recent hype over NFT is yet o disrupt traditional art in the world as analyzed by the leading experts.

Selling of a digital collage at US $70 million, in a Chirstie's auction leading to emergence of digital art is surely going to affect the traditional artists.

NFT is a space dealing with huge amount where lots of people buy sell and makes money with their art pieces.

The perpetual existence of the digital artwork by NFT is tokenized making it safe for artists to store their art forever opposed to the traditional art pieces.

Online auction houses and their easy availability is boosting the NFTs making Digital artwork conventional.

The proportional and perpetual benefits of NFTs marketplaces seeks more people to prefer digital artwork disrupting the traditional masterpieces.

Smart Contracts may or may not be enforcable in the offline courts giving a major drawbacks to the traditional artforms. 

The impermanence of the NFT market places and their uncertainities are the painstaking that's what only traditional artwork market  can promise.

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