Bitcoin  The Ultimate Guide For Beginner's

Bitcoin is almost always one of the hottest topics in the news.

In the simplest of words – Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is used for the same purpose, that is, transactions as you use the conventional paper currency (also known as fiat currency).

Back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto  (Bitcoin's Founder) published some whitepapers which explained in detail the concept of Bitcoin.

The transaction fees of Bitcoins for online purchases are less than traditional fiat currency and it aims to be a more convenient, company, and fast mode of exchange.

Further, Bitcoin is not handled by any government agency like your conventional currency, instead, it is decentralized.

There is a simple but fascinating mechanism that Bitcoin operates in the real world – Blockchain.

So Bitcoin is the earliest cryptocurrency and the digital currency operates on the blockchain while being completely decentralized.

Despite the crypto market crashing, experts have predicted Bitcoin values to touch  new highs due to increasing interest and social media trends.

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