Best Proven Ways to Build Wealth

Wealth is not about having a lot of money it is about having a lot of option. 

1. Always look for ways to earn more If you are working for someone, you can do some small businesses, blogging, YouTube channel etc.

2. Cut down on flippant spending You can't build wealth if you can't rein in your spending. Avoid the mistake to look wealthy rather to being wealth.

3. Have a constant saving policy If you are saving 10% of your salary being constant on it, then increase it time to time.

4. Put Your Money to Work Put your money in stocks, properties, bonds, real estate etc.

5. Marry Good Spouse Choose a good partner who helps to fulfil your dreams, motivates you and make every foot with you.

6. Have Good Insurance Plan The average permanent life insurance policy allows you to grow your money value by 6%-8% annually.

7. Your Friend Circle Inspire You Your friends see you to grow and also help to clear obstacles coming in your dreams. 

8. Get a mentor Mentor helps you to find a way. He will show you the difference and also due to his experience he will aware you about mistakes and risks.    

To Know the 50-30-20 Money Rule to build healthy Wealth, Click Below: