Baby Doge Crypto:  All You Need to Know

Baby Doge - A meme coin which is Hyper-deflationary with specific reflection rewarding holders adding more baby doge coins per new transaction.

Baby Doge seeks to impress with its newly improved transaction speeds and adorableness and the 5% is automatically redistributed to baby doge holders from each transaction.

Baby Doge Protocols  The cuteness of Baby Doge comes with a lot BITE! Features like:  - Auto & Manual Burns  -Auto Reflections -Locked liquidity -Charity wallet  makes it more amazing !

Baby Doge Crypto card This application provided on both ios and android  has the ability to buy, send, exchange the cryptos and comes with the new TextBit technology.

The tokenomics include  5% of each Transaction being addeed to the liquidity pool and the 5% of each transaction ReDistributed to its holders.

This is actuallty a fun collectible token built on Binance smart chain. Its supply is decreased with each transaction 40% of the supply has been burned so far.

Baby Doge was originally created with 420 Quadrillion supply and deflationary mechanics as a meme joke. 

The transaction fees in 10% with 5% going to holders and 5% to the pancake swap liquidity pool.

Partnering with  Baby Doge allows merchants to accept baby doge as a payment globally.

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