APPLE becomes first U.S Company  to cross Milestone of $3 TRILLION 

Marking a new milestone, on the very first trading day of 2022 Apple becomes the first US company to cross the $3 trillion market cap threshold.

As the figure $3 trillion is astonishing,  so is the time pace of less than 500 days after the company hit $2 trillion mark.

Despite Apple's meteoric rise i.e. Apple's $3 trillion market cap is more palatable than the valuation of Tesla.

To put Apple's value in perspective, A market capitalisation  of $3 trillion raises the GDP of the UK, India , France  and Russia.

This milestone is symbolic showing the bullishment of investors of Apple stock and their ability to grow.

Apple's peer following closely as Microsoft worth about $2.5 trillion, Amazon - $1.75 Market cap and Google's valuation of $2 trillion.

Apple showed the annual growth across all the categories of their product raising the apple stock 34% in 2021.