7 Things to know Before Buying Baby Doge

 Baby Doge coin getting a lot of hype is initially a big success. Here's everything a buyer must know before buying Baby Doge Coin:

1. Baby Coin born just a few week ago  As the name suggests, this crypto is still a baby. Created on June 1, 2021. Buying such a young crypto can be risky.

2. It started with 420 Quadrillion tokens Large number of coins priced is extremely common. Burning 125 quadrillion so far this meme coin started with 4220 Quadrillion tokens.

3. Every transaction has a 10% fee The transaction fees is 10% with 5% going to holders and 5% to the pancake swap liquidity pool.

4. Mission Rescue Dogs  As listed in Baby Doge coin's goals is rescuing dogs in need by its charity wallet which has 2.2% of its supply.

5. It's available on PancakeSwap  As one of the biggest decentralized exchange platform, this is generally recommended to trade and get the Baby Doge Coin.

6. Roadmap focuses on goals Baby doge coin includes six phases in its roadmap.

 7. Buying it Could be a gamble and risk of loosing money It can be a dime and is risky enough and is a hot streak that can shatters all time high.

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