7 Cryptocurrencies that can Triple your money in 2022

1. Avalanche  It is smart deal in blockchain which give smart speed and compatibility. It  launched in 2020, within a year the price go through  2.7 dollar to all time high of 146 dollar.

2. Solana Price  It is basically launched in march 2020. Now, it is on fifth number in coin market. It raised in one year from 0.5 dollars to 260 dollars. You can buy or sell the tokens.

3. Stellar It is popularly known as xlm. It is 29th largest  digital currency by market value. It is very unique because every transaction cost  0.0001, this is very low cost transaction fees.

4. MOBOX It launched in june 2021. Its token price raise from 0.48 dollars to all time high 15.6 dollars. Now, its current price is 5 dollars but it will also get the highs in this year.

5.Shiba Inu Coin This is popular by a special dog whose name is Shiba. This already made people millionaires in 2021 and also will in 2022. Its current price is 0.000033 dollars with an all time high of about 0.00088 dollars.

6. QTUM It is good long-term investment .Its price will expecting 53 dollars in 2026. Now the current price is 7.81 dollar to all time high is 9.98 dollars.

7. Algorand It is 19th largest digital currency by market value. The price is about 0.1 dollar but now it is all time high of about 3.2 dollar and with maximum supply of 10 billion aggro coins. 

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