5 Ways NFTs Can Kickstart Your Local Business  

A non-fungible token is a digital asset that represents an arrays of virtual and physical things, which can't be substituted or switched with fake since they are created on blockchain that traced by original creator .

Boost Your Business with NFTs

1. Counterfeit-proof issuance of single use promotional tools:  such as coupons, promotional discounts, event  tickets, BOGO deals etc.

2. Establishing a customer loyalty program: Consider a digital NFT loyalty card. Once customers sign up for it, they download it to their mobiles.

3. Cause-related marketing and charity support: NFTs were used to raise money to help empower Afghan women in the aftermath of the recent U.S. exodus. You also use this idea make program this, for eg. charity hub.  

4. Secure fundraising for expansion: If your business is expanding, an NFT campaign could be a low cost funding alternative to traditional bank loan.

5. Sweeptakes types of promotions: These types of marketing campaigns can be expensive to run and usually only make sense for large enterprises, such as McDonald's franchises that publishers clearing house, which still uses sweeptakes marketing. 

To Know  in detail, How to Buy, Store, Sell and Store NFTs, Read Below: