List of Places and Stores Those Takes Apple Pay

List of stores accepts apple apy

Apple Pay is one of the widely accepted payment platforms in the whole United States of America and has gained great notoriety.

Apple Pay payment platform is extremely easy to use and has touchless payment functionality which makes it extremely easy to do transactions. Here is a list of places that accept Apple pay to ensure you can easily find a place near you.   

Stores Those Takes Apple Pay

Store Name Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Schnucks Yes 
Safeway Yes 
Rite Aid Yes 
CVS Yes 
Apple Yes 

Retailers Those Takes Apple Pay

Retailers Name Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Whole Foods Market Yes 
Walgreens Yes 
Trader Joe’s Yes 
Target Yes 
Staples Yes 
PetSmart Yes 
Office Max Yes 
Office Depot Yes 
Meijer  Yes 
Hy-Vee Yes 
Family Dollar Yes 
Ace Hardware  Yes 
Costco Yes 
Best Buy yes

Restaurants Those Takes Apple Pay

Restaurants Name Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Au Bon Pain Yes 

Starbucks Yes 
Pizza Hut Yes 
Panera Bread Yes 
El Pollo Loco Yes 
Peet’s Coffee Yes 
Rubio’s Yes 
Dunkin’ Yes 
Chick-fil-A Yes 

Gas Stations Those Takes Apple Pay

Gas Stations  Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Chevron Yes 
Chevron Extra Mile Yes 
TexacoExxonMobil Yes 
7 Eleven Yes 

Fast Food Outlets Those Takes Apple Pay

Fast food outlets Apple Pay Accepted or Not
White Castle Yes 
Subway Yes 
Starbucks Yes 
Pizza Hut Yes 
Panera Bread Yes 
McDonald’s Yes 
KFC Yes 
Jimmy John’s Yes 
Dunkin’ Yes 
Chick-fil-A Yes 

Fashion and Style Brands Those Takes Apple Pay

Fashion and Style  Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Shop Disney Yes 
Macy’s Yes 
Levi’s Yes 
J.Crew Yes 
GAP Yes 
Foot Locker Yes 
Crate & Barrel Yes 
Bed Bath & Beyond Yes 
American Eagle Outfitters Yes 
Adidas Yes 

Entertainment and Travel Those Takes Apple Pay

Entertainment and Travel Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Walt Disney World Yes 
JetBlue Yes 

Loyalty/ Rewards Programs Those Takes Apple Pay 

Loyalty/ Rewards Programs Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Yogurtland’s Real Rewards Yes
Walgreens’ Balance Rewards Yes
Quiznos’ Toasty Points Yes
Panera Bread’s MyPanera Yes
Kohl’s Rewards Yes
Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards Yes
Dave & Buster’s Power Card Yes
Coca-Cola’s Vending Pass Yes

Charities Those Takes Apple Pay

Charities Apple Pay Accepted or Not
COPD Foundation Yes
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) Yes
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Yes
The Nature Conservancy Yes
American Cancer Society Yes
WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Yes
The Water Project Yes
International Rescue Committee Yes
Feeding America Yes
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Yes
charity: water Yes
American Heart Association Yes
(RED) Yes
GlobalGiving Yes
Save the Children Yes
United Ways Yes
American Red Cross Yes

Websites and Apps Those Takes Apple Pay

Websites and Apps Apple Pay Accepted or Not
Xfinity My Account Yes
Uber Yes
Turbotax Yes
Ticketmaster Yes
Taxfyle Yes
Starbucks Yes
Staples Yes
Postmates Yes
PayRange Yes
Lyft Yes
Kickstarter Yes
Jet Yes
Houzz Yes
Groupon Yes
Etsy Yes
ClassPass Yes
Apple Store and other Apple services Yes
Instacart Yes
Chipotle Yes
Seamless Yes
Under Armour Yes
Kohl’s Yes
Macy’s Yes
Omaha Steaks Yes
White Castle Yes
Chick-fil-A Yes
Dunkin’ Yes
Panera Bread Yes
Jimmy John’s Sandwiches Yes
OpenTable Yes
Grubhub Yes
DoorDash Yes
Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Yes
Orbitz Yes
Airbnb Yes
United Airlines Yes
Hotwire Yes
Expedia Yes
Target Yes

E-Commerce Platforms Those Takes Apple Pay

E-Commerce Platforms  Apple Pay Accepted or Not
WooCommerce Yes 
Volusion Yes 
Commerce Yes 
Symphony Yes 
Squarespace Yes 
Shopify Yes 
Salesforce Yes 
Neto Yes 
Miva Yes 
IBM Yes 
GoDaddy Yes 
BigCommerce Yes 

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about the Apple Pay platform is that you can make just about anywhere for any item or service.

You can now go almost anywhere in the country without ever having any hassle when it comes to making payments.